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rent a car in romania

Prices from 13.5 euro/ day

After the restriction period, you will return to work. Why use public transport when you can rent a car? Budget has special offers for daily, weekly and monthly car rentals. Book now a car from our diversified fleet and travel without worries!

The advantages of renting a vehicle during this period:

  • alternative to public transport and reducing the risk of coronavirus contamination and disease;
  • void long-term financial commitment with shorter contracts;
  • wide variety of vehicles - small to large cars, SUV's, People Carriers, Minibuses;
  • meets the requirements of social distance;
  • flexible insurance options are available;
  • 24/7 assistance.

Contact us now at 004021212867 for more details or use the form above directly to book your car with a special price.

The offer is valid in Romania.

Please check the Terms and Conditions of car rental in Romania.