Fuel Options

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When you hire with Budget, we always ensure you have a full tank of fuel to begin your rental. However, we appreciate some customers may wish to return their vehicle full, whereas others may want to avoid the hassle of refuelling altogether.

That's why Budget offer a range of fuel options, allowing you to select the best one for your personal circumstances.

Choose Pre-paid fuel option and you don't have to worry about finding a fuel station before returning the car.

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Refueling options for the ultimate in convenience & choice

Option 1: In all situations, you can fill up the tank yourself, before returning the car to Budget. In this case, Budget will not issue an invoice for fuel costs (after you provide proof that the tank was filled up no more than 20 kilometres before arriving at the car rental office.
Option 2: If you have chosen the Pre-paid Fuel Option when pick-in up the car, Budget will issue an invoice for the amount of a full tank of fuel, as stipulated at the time of the rental.
Option 3: If you have not filled up the tank before dropping off the car, or if you do not have a document proving that you have done so less than 20 kilometres away from the car rental office, you automatically benefit from the „Easy fuel” service, subject to a charge of an additional fee. This amount represents an estimation of the fuel costs for a distance ranging from 0 to 120 km, regardless of the use of the car and the distance travelled.
Option 4: If you have not chosen Prepaid Fuel Option and you have not filled up the tank before dropping off the car or if you do not have proof and you have travelled for more than 120 km, Budget will charge you for each missing litre of fuel, as stipulated in the Car Rental Agreement. Budget estimates the number of litres of fuel using the eighth of the fuel tank as a measuring unit.

In the unlikely event in which you are provided with a car which does not have a full tank, you must notify the car rental office about this situation and you must return the car with the same level of fuel. If you do not do so, you will only pay the difference between the level of fuel in the tank when you at return the car and the level of fuel at pick up, in compliance with the conditions mentioned above (options 2 - 4).

If you return the car with a level of fuel which is higher than the fuel level at pick-up, Budget will reimburse you for the extra fuel, at the fuel price stipulated in the Rental Agreement.

Please do not hesitate to ask an Budget agent regarding any details of the way in which the estimates of fuel consumption is calculated.