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We know that hiring a vehicle can be daunting, especially when it comes to knowing what you are covered for. That's why we aim to give Budget customers an easy-to-understand explanation of the cover included in your rental (as standard), and the options and benefits of additional protection.
Below is our straightforward guide to the additional rental cover options you may want to consider. You can get more information at the rental office.

Conditions and exclusions of additional cover are listed in the rental Terms and Conditions.

Additional cover

Choose any of our optional cover products and protect yourself against damage or theft during your rental. To purchase additional simply speak to the rental desk agent on collection of your vehicle.

Optional protection services in case of car damage or car theft

Collision damage Waiver (CDW)
Risk: Reimbursement for the damage caused to the car, up to a maximum amount.
Budget coverage: Reducing liability in case of car damage.

Theft Protection Coverage (TPC)

Risk: Reimbursement of an amount equal to the maximum liability in case of car theft.
Budget coverage: Reducing liability in case of car theft.

Super Cover (SCDW)
Risk: Reimbursement of damage caused to the car in case of accident ot theft.
Budget coverage: No liability in case of car damage ot theft, except for broken windows.

Windshield insurance (LI)
Risk: Reimbursement for damages to the car windshield.
Budget coverage: No liability in case of damage to the car windshield.

Road Safety Net (RSN)

Risk: Reimbursement of the expenses pertaining to technical assistance if: the car is unusable due to loss of keys, keys locked inside the car, dead battery, insufficient or wrong fuel and/or flat tire/damaged tire.
Budget coverage: Exemption from costs with technical assistance.

Personal Accident Insurance (PAI)

Budget offers the following types of personal insurance in Romania: PAI (Personal Accident Insurance): reimburses the driver and the passengers for unintentional bodily injures they might suffer during the rental period and for emergency medical expenses, within the guarantee limits mentioned in our Terms and Conditions.